When Painful Circumstances Make Us Question

One of the most gratifying moments of a parent’s life is when their adult children reflect on the decisions their parents made during their childhood and say, “Now I understand. You were right.” 

 Usually this epiphany comes once they have children of their own. Experiencing the weight of responsibility that rests heavily on a parent’s shoulders, they realize their God-given mandate to raise their children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” They recognize that parents have knowledge, wisdom, and insight children don’t have. Feeling that overwhelming mama-bear or papa-bear desire to protect, they experience for themselves the fierce love that guides and motivates every action, rule, and decision. 

In a sentence, they get it. 

Truly blessed are the ones who go one step further and not only say, “Now I understand,” but also, “Thank you.” 

Job had a parent/child moment like this. Struggling through deeply painful circumstances, he questioned God’s goodness and wisdom. He suspected God character. He doubted God’s love. But then his perspective changed. 

 Although he didn’t comprehend all God’s ways, he came face to face with His wisdom, power, and might. As God revealed Himself to Job, God lifted his eyes from Job’s suffering to his Savior. He understood, as much as was humanly possible, that God’s Father heart had motivated every decision He had made on Job’s behalf. 

As my wise friend Jean Wilund says, “If we knew everything God knows, we’d make the same decisions he makes.” 

“Surely I spoke about things I did not understand,” Job said, “things too wonderful for me to know. . . . I had heard rumors about You, but now my eyes have seen You

“Therefore I take back my words and repent in dust and ashes” (Job 42:3, 5-6). If you’re struggling under the circumstances God has allowed into your life, you can trust Him. 

He who formed the world, hung the stars in place, and calls the lightning from heaven’s storehouses is more than able to order the events of your life—for your good and for God’s glory.

His love for you is great, and His heart is kind. Trust and obey. 

 One day, when sin, sorrow, and death are banished forever, we’ll understand. We’ll get it.

God will wipe the tears from our eyes and wrap us in a hug so fierce it squeezes the breath from our lungs. We’ll rest in the comfort His presence affords and bask in the peace of our relationship. After we’ve lingered for a while, we’ll tilt our head back, look deep into our Savior’s eyes, and say, 

“Now I understand. You were right.” 

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  1. I am not a parent, but as a grown child, I now appreciate many things that my parents did!

    1. Ahh, then you are ahead of the learning curve, Robin. Smart lady :)

  2. God's steadfastness. He doesn't change. He stays true to His word and to who He is. It's that character trait I find comfort in the most. Knowing He is my Creator, my All is given. I appreciate how He is always there, loving me (even when I seem unlovable). It's been difficult, growing up in God, but Father, I thank You for all You've done to help me become who You want me to be. I'm not there yet Lord, but I'm willing to keep trying because You are. Thank You for loving me gracious Father.

    1. Amen and Amen, J.D. May it be so in all our lives, for His glory.

  3. I am thankful for decisions my parents made for me when I was a young child and especially as a teenager. At the time, I thought they were wrong and now, I see my parents were making the best decisions. They were wiser and knew best for me. I love how God sometimes tells us "no" or "not yet" because He already knows the best way for us. :-) His plans are always the best.

    1. Amen, Melissa. And we can trust God with confidence, knowing that, unlike our earthly parents, He is ALWAYS right. Thanks for chiming in today.

  4. When I was a teenager I thought my parents were mean. Now I know they were on't caring for me. I have just lost my parents only four months apart, and feel so empty and sad. I know the Lord is by my side during the time.

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss. How sad to lose your parents so close together. I'm praying today that your heavenly Father will wrap His big strong arms around you and hold you tight. Praying for you today, friend.


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