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Lori is available to speak at your Ladies' Ministry Event, Writers' Conference, Corporate Event, Luncheon, Bible Study Group, Homeschool Support Group, or Women's Retreat. 

About Lori

As the editor of South Carolina’s Reach Out, Columbia magazine, a minister’s wife, Bible teacher, award winning author and blogger, Lori’s varied platform and life experiences enable her to engage 21st century women right where they live—in a world that’s hungry for God, but starving for time.

Speaker An award-winning Toastmasters International speaker and Christian Communicators graduate

Author  Of the Christian Small Publisher Association’s Book of the Year, Hungry for God…Starving for Time

Blogger at Hungry for God…Starving for Time

Editor Reach Out, Columbia magazine

Pastor’s Wife and Bible Teacher

Contributing Writer for Crosswalk.com

Contact her at LoriAHatcher@gmail.com or call (803)237-3636.

What Event Leaders Are Saying:

Lori Hatcher delivered an engaging afternoon session to our work group. She made us laugh with real life experiences, inspired us with knowledge for self-improvement, and challenged us to commit to take steps for a better tomorrow.  She engaged the audience  from the start, and provided hands-on activities as well as resources to use and reinforce the message. The variety of facts with fun kept the audience involved. Lori exceeded our expectations and received a unanimous high rating from the audience.  I highly recommend Lori Hatcher. She's professional , courteous, and genuine.

Laura W. Watts, CFO

South Carolina Department of Revenue

"Lori Hatcher is a conference director's dream faculty member. Her programs are well-developed and timely, and she delivers her material with enthusiasm and confidence. Her engaging attitude and delightful personality make her a conference favorite."

Vonda Skelton
Founder, Christian Communicators Conference
Author and speaker

"Sweet, gentle spirit; well prepared and engaging; friendly and down to earth; good teaching and delivery."
~Phyllis Elkins
Conference Director, Women to Women Ministries
"What Lori shared was totally relevant to our group, sensitive to the needs and challenges we may have, biblically-based and humorous to boot! She was humorous, down-to-earth, and easy to follow and understand." 
~ Kristi Brooks
Christian Homeschoolers of Easley

"I loved hearing Lori speak. God's grace just oozed out of her."
~Chris Ludington
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Just in Time for Your Christmas Event: 

3 Keys
To a Spirit-filled Christmas
Keeping the Spirit in Christmas

Description: We desire a spirit-filled Christmas, but sometimes the most beautiful parts of the season get crowded out. In 3 Keys to a Spirit-filled Christmas, Lori Hatcher shares how to unlock your celebration, your treasure, and your heart to welcome Christ into your holiday season.

Lori uses humor, real-life stories and examples, and offers practical suggestions to help you celebrate in ways that draw you and others closer to Jesus.

Planning Suggestions: Suitable for a Christmas Tea, Women’s Ministry Event, Holiday Celebration, or Ladies’ Night Out.

To download a printable flyer for 3 Keys to a Spiritual Christmas, click HERE.

 Stepping Out
    How Our Footwear Impacts Our Faith

A New Women’s Ministry Presentation from Lori Hatcher

Shoes. We love them! From the sassy sling backs to the sleek stiletto, there's a pair for every occasion. Some see shoes as an accessory, others a necessity, but did you know that shoes can have spiritual connotations, too?

In this fun, interactive presentation, Lori invites us to take a thoughtful look at the spiritual shoes we wear every day. We'll talk about styles that enhance our Christian walk, those that can hinder it, and the one pair of shoes we can't live without. 

To download a printable flyer for Stepping Out - How Our Footwear Impacts Our Faith, click here.

To listen to this program, delivered at the Trinity Focus Luncheon in Columbia, South Carolina, click here.

A Hat for All Seasons   
Serving God in Every Stage of Life

Today’s women wear many hats. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, Teacher, Caregiver, and Friend, just to name a few. During this challenging and hopeful session, we’ll look at ways to glorify God no matter what hat we’re wearing and in whatever life season we find ourselves.

This fun presentation, complete with a hat display that includes a hat for every stage of life, includes practical, biblical suggestions to embrace every stage of life with joy. Suitable for women of all ages, from single to senior, it’s an encouraging and enlightening message.

Retreat Themes

A Wardrobe for All Seasons, Dressing for Spiritual Success – This three-session seminar, suitable for a one-day retreat or weekend, combines “Stepping Out, How Our Footwear Impacts Our Faith,” “Clean Out that Closet,” and “A Hat for All Seasons” (See descriptions below). Each session includes Points to Ponder and application activities.

Praying with Power is a dynamic, interactive seminar that addresses: *Myths about Prayer *What the Bible Says about Prayer *What Heroes of the Faith Say about Prayer *Why Pray? *What Can God Do Through Prayer? *How to Pray with Power *How to Pray the "Write" Way *How Prayer Can Change Your Life.

3 Keys to a Spirit-Filled Christmas (Single session or 3-Session Day Seminar) We desire a spirit-filled Christmas, but sometimes the most beautiful parts of the season get crowded out. In 3 Keys to a Spirit-filled Christmas, Lori shares how to unlock your celebration, your treasure, and your heart to welcome Christ into your holiday season. Suitable for a Women’s Tea, Ladies’ Night Out, or Homeschool Mom’s meeting.

One Session Topics

Overloaded? Four Steps to Conquer the Chaos that Overwhelms Us (45 min. - 1 hour)

Today’s women are running too fast, spread too thin, and trying to be all things to all people. We’re overloaded. This session will teach you how to assess your commitments, define your purpose, redistribute your responsibilities, and fully embrace God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Worry Wart or Warrior Woman? How the Discipline of Prayer Can Help You Survive the Worst Day of Your Life (45 min. - 1 hour)

Worry, it seems, is a woman’s middle name. Many of us are professional worriers—we worry about our families, our jobs, our communities, our nation, and our world. We worry about the past, the present, and the future. This session will demonstrate how prayer is a powerful alternative to worry. You’ll learn a simple approach to prayer that will change your life and the lives of those around you.

 Sleep Is a Waste of Time (NOT!) (30-40 min. or 1 hr. session)

Forty million Americans get less than 6 hours of sleep a night. We rise early and stay up late, yet feel more behind than ever. In this fun session, we’ll discover six principles for accomplishing all we need to and STILL getting enough sleep each night. 

Everyone Has a Story -- What's Yours? (45 min.)

Praying with Power -- How to Develop an Effective Prayer Life (1-day seminar or weekend retreat)

The 10 Most Important Things You Can Teach Your Children (1-hour)

How to Write a Christian Devotion (3-hour workshop)

 Homeschool Topics:

The Foundations of Homeschooling Motherhood (1-hour)
Six Reasons Homeschool Moms Quit and How To Avoid Them (1-hour)
10 Mistakes I Made While Homeschooling (1- 1-1/2 hour)

Here's a 5-minute peek into my heart:

 For speaking fees and more information, contact Lori at LoriAHatcher@gmail.com.

To download Lori's Women's Ministry flyer, CLICK HERE.
To download Lori's Homeschool Speaking Ministry flyer, CLICK HERE.

Everyone Has a Story -- What's Yours?
(45-minute women's ministry presentation) 
 Six ordinary women. Six extraordinary stories.
In Everyone Has a Story—What’s Yours?, Lori Hatcher, Editor of South Carolina’s Reach Out, Columbia magazine, shares the stories of six local women she’s met through her work at the magazine.

Each has encountered a serious faith challenge—a job loss, the death of a spouse, a cancer diagnosis, and a brutal murder are just a few. As they’ve stepped out in faith and said “yes” to God, they’ve seen Him work in amazing ways.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll see yourself within their stories. Best of all, you’ll come away with a greater sense of how God can use your story for His glory. Becky, Bren, Buffy, Jenny, Marcia, and Ann Marie. Everyone has a story—What’s yours?

Here's a sample of some of the stories she shares, part of the internet radio broadcast interview with Unfolded Hearts hostess, Debbie Somjak:

Praying with Power Seminar

Praying with Power is a dynamic, interactive seminar that addresses:

*Myths About Prayer

*What the Bible Says about Prayer
*What Heroes of the Faith Say about Prayer
*Why Pray?
*What Can God Do Through Prayer?
*How to Pray with Power
*How to Pray the "Write" Way
*How Prayer Can Change Your Life

With transparency and humor, Lori shares stories from her own 30-year journey through prayer.

You'll laugh, cry, and be inspired. She'll teach you how to hear God's voice, dream big, and watch God work in ways you never imagined.
 Lori will teach you to trust God with big issues and small. One of the most powerful parts of each seminar is a poignant time when you are invited to "come to the cross," and leave your burdens there.
This seminar is suitable for a weekend retreat or one-day event. Each participant will leave with a personalized prayer journal to help him/her be consistent and focused in prayer and keep a permanent record of answered prayer for generations to come. 

It's a powerful, life-changing event!

What women are saying about Praying with Power Events:

"I love your prayer journal method, and I heard that many women who attended are using it and are experiencing a closer walk with the Lord.  I loved seeing the women's enthusiasm.  I loved hearing you speak and all of your examples and life's stories.  The worship was awesome, the testimonies meaningful, the cross exercise (very meaningful and touching).  You were so organized and stayed on track. God's grace oozed out of You as you made us feel at ease about our different hang-ups with prayer, etc."   ~Chris Ludington 

"Praying with Power, held at Pleasant Hill Baptist, honestly changed my life! Prayer just isn't talked about that much anymore, so spending a WHOLE day focusing on the power & joy of prayer was fantastic! Lori shared from the Word & from personal experience about how important prayer is & how it can rock our world!! I loved the soul searching questions that were asked! They left me shaking my head at the lies I have believed about prayer! Since the retreat, my prayer life has become my happy place! I am SO thankful that God brought me to the retreat! Just where I needed to be!"     ~Samara Eve Kohnen, 25