Breaking the Silence with Exciting News!

 Greetings, Hungry for God readers,

I have exciting news to share!

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently. Now it’s time to break the silence.

First, I’ve been designing a new website, one better equipped to handle the growing needs of the Hungry for God family. I’d love for you to click over and take a peek ( It’s so pretty! On it you'll find a whole page dedicated to some of the most popular blog posts from Hungry for God. 

You'll also find an About Lori page where I share quirky things you'd never know otherwise, a Speaking Ministry page (I'd love to come to your women's ministry event and encourage you and your friends) and a book page. Click over and check it out. Remember to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Second, I’ve implemented a new email provider. As of June 30, Google will no longer email out blog posts, so I’ve switched services. This is the last you’ll receive from Feedburner. The only difference you’ll see is that the posts will come from a different address. I plan to continue emailing weekly (Sunday evening) five-minute devotions to encourage you in your faith and keep us connected. Thank you for being part of the Hungry for God family.

To ensure my emails don't go to your Spam or Junk folder, please add to your address book or approved sender list.

Lastly, I’ve been hard at work on TWO writing projects. I just completed edits on the follow up book to Refresh Your Faith, Refresh Your Prayers, Uncommon Devotions to Restore Power and Praise. This companion volume will release on March 1, 2022.

Here’s a description:


Refresh Your Prayers,

 Uncommon Devotions to Restore Power and Praise

Are you struggling in your prayer life? When you talk to God, do you come away with more questions than answers? Do you long for the intimacy you once had or the closeness and power you see in others? 

What if you could sit across the table from a wise friend and sort through the questions you have about prayer?


Questions like:

Why does God answer some prayers, but not others?

What’s the secret to effective prayer?

If God is sovereign, why pray at all?


Lori Hatcher is that wise friend. In 60 story-driven devotions, she explores the mysterious gift of prayer, wrestles with the questions that plague us, and showcases some of the most beautiful prayers in the Bible. She’ll take you from where you are to where you want to be in your prayer life.


The second writing project that has my heart beating hard is a THIRD volume in the Refresh series, Refresh Your Hope, 60 Unshakeable Reasons Not to Lose Heart. Now more than ever we need to be reminded of the solid and unfailing hope only God can give us. Please pray for me as I write. Only God can enable me to write a book that will strengthen your faith and grow your hope.

If you're visiting for the first time, please follow THIS LINK over to the new website and subscribe so I can share weekly five-minute blog posts to refresh your faith and nourish your soul. See you there!

Does Your Faith Need Refreshing?

That's in the Bible? I've never noticed that before!

It's probably been too long since you've newly discovered a story that speaks to your soul or a verse that pops with truth. But that's about to change!

Refresh Your Faith contains 66 culturally relevant, story-driven devotions, one from each book of the Bible. Each real-life story spotlights an unusual verse or Bible passage that you may have overlooked in your usual Bible reading. Lori Hatcher challenges you with additional features like an uncommon thought to ponder; an unusual faith action step; and an unfamiliar passage suggestion for additional Bible reading.

When the fabulous has become familiar and your quiet times are more like nap times, it's time to step out of spiritual boredom and ignite the spark that will keep you growing. No matter where you are on your faith journey, Lori's conversational and engaging style will challenge you to think about things you've never thought about before.

“Real-life inspiration and candid wit. These 5-minute devotions will change your life.” —Psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Kevin Leman, commenting on Lori Hatcher's devotional style

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  1. Congratulations ma'am. So very happy for you. Can't wait to go check out your new web site; and of course, I'll be pre-ordering your two new "Refresh" books when they become available.


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