A Follow Up to "Let's Get Drunk." My Sister's Guest Post

Last week I shared how God gave me the opportunity to extend hope and love to a stranger named Katie in a post called "Let's Get Drunk." In response, my sister, Tina, shared this story.  May you be as blessed and encouraged as I was.

Cindy and Tina
After our sister Cindy died, I continued to text her as I usually did, just to tell her what I was thinking or feeling. I knew her phone was disconnected, but even though my texts went into cyber space, all was good, because I felt I was, in a way, still talking with her.

Late one night, which was when we usually texted or talked, I sent a text to her number. To my surprise, I immediately received a text back. I couldn't believe my eyes when her name flashed across the screen!

I caught my breath and tried to read the message through the tears in my eyes. For years, no matter when I texted Cindy, she would always text right back. I thought for sure I was finally waking up from the horrible nightmare that had taken place over the past three months.

Maybe Cindy hadn't died, and she was answering back with her usual "Tina, it is after midnight, time to play name that tune!" We would forever be asking each other "What is the name of . . . you know the song that goes like this. . . "

But it wasn't.

It was someone else telling me, "You have the wrong number."

After apologizing for texting so late, I explained what had happened and told the other person, "So sorry, it will not happen again."

I got a unexpected response.

"Sorry for your loss. Blessings to you and yours. All things happen for a reason. Maybe ur sister reached out through me. Have a good night!"

Cindy holding her baby sister, Tina
This person could have just said, "Oops, sorry, wrong number," and that would have been the end of it. Instead they took a moment to respond to my pain. Because of this stranger's kindness, I felt that Cindy would always be there for me whenever I needed her, and that, somehow, she would always know just when I needed her.

I locked the message into my phone that night and still, almost four years after my sister's death, when I need to know she's there, I read the message.

You never know what your actions could mean to someone. The smallest thing could make a huge difference.

I just thought I would share what taking a moment to care can do.

Cindy, Tina, and Lori--sisters forever

If you enjoyed this post, would you leave a comment below to thank Tina for sharing her story? And if you missed the original post, you can read "Let's Get Drunk" here.

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  1. I always feel camaraderie with those who lost a sibling too young. Anything that makes us feel close to the one we lost is welcomed, isn't it. I lost my brother when I was 25. Something about Heath Leger looked like my brother Jeff. I was sad when Leger died because I was looking forward to watching him age to see Jeff through his aging process. I also have family members who see Jeff's mannerisms and expressions in two of my children. I don't see it of course, but I like that others who knew Jeff do.

    1. Dawn,
      We never get "over" the loss of a sibling, nor should we, because the world is forever changed without them. I can't see her in family members either, but certain things will trigger a memory that's a little bit like a visit. Those moments are small comforts :)

  2. What a neat story--thank you for sharing! What a wonderful difference those few words made. I DO think God sometimes allows us a glimpse, in some way, of loved ones who have gone ahead of us into heaven. And what a good lesson for us all to remember--that sometimes a few words of kindness can make a huge difference. We can ALL shine Jesus when we respond with kindness and encouragement.

    1. I think we will be amazed and delighted when we get to heaven one day and see what effect those "small" acts of kindness have had on others. God sees and rewards them all . . . thanks for stopping by today.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I needed the reminder to reach out to others with kindness. I am prompted at times and I'm always glad when I take the time to care. Bless you :)

  4. We are so busy and self-absorbed, Jennifer, that it's easy to miss the opportunities God sends our way. I know, however, that whenever we stop long enough to care for the needs of another, God smiles. thanks for commenting today.

  5. Thank you for reminding us all that taking two seconds to be the kindness we would like to receive ourselves makes a difference.