50 Lessons for 50 Years

Today is my birthday, and I am humbly grateful for the 50 years God has given me. In appreciation and thanks, I thought I’d share 50 lessons I’ve learned along the way. Some are profound (those are God’s), some are poignant, and some are just plain silly. 

50 Lessons Over 50 Years: 

1. Dogs don’t like it when you blow into their ears. 

 2. Sticking your finger into a cup of hot tea to see if it’s hot enough isn’t real bright. 

3. A child who weighs 30 pounds awake weighs at least 50 pounds asleep. 

4. And if she's asleep in your bed, it’s more like a hundred. 

5. Naps are better with a dog. 

6. Just because it’s edible doesn’t mean it tastes good. 

7. Christian friends are one of God’s most precious gifts. Christian friends who bring meals when you’re sick, sit in the ER with you, and help decorate for your daughter’s wedding are nothing short of heavenly. 

8. Dusting is pointless. Ironing is too. 

9. Broken hearts can still beat. 

10. Chocolate without nuts is a waste of good chocolate. 

11. Most situations look better in the morning. 

12. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes or tight pants. 

13. If I say my love language is Acts of Service, it’s pointless to try to convince me that it’s really Physical Touch and Closeness. 

14. Cruises are amazing. 

15. Going on a mission trip is infinitely more satisfying than going on a cruise. It’s also a whole lot more work. 

16. If you don’t love it in the store, you won’t love it at home. (Thanks, Mary Leigh) 

17. Resisting the Holy Spirit is like being nibbled to death by a duck. 

18. Marriage gets easier once you begin to consider that your partner might be right. 

19. Lying isn’t worth it. It’s so humiliating when you have to go back and confess. 

20. Burnt popcorn smells really bad. So does human hair.

21. I can’t outgive God. 

22.  A two-foot tall child is six feet wide when they’re sleeping in my bed. They also have four elbows and three knees.

23. I can choose to love someone. The feelings will follow. 

24. When you don’t know what to do, take a walk. It may not solve anything, but you’ll feel much better. 

25. Getting a head start on my busy day by skipping my quiet time never works. 

26. Taking risks for God is exhilarating. 

27. When God says he will supply all my needs according to his riches and glory, he means it. 

28. And when he says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” he means that, too.

29. Knees and necks get more wrinkled with age. 

30. Wrinkle cream doesn’t work on knees and necks. 

31. If all I had was God, it would be enough. 

32. Maple walnut ice cream is the best ice cream on the planet. 

33. Flowers are always appropriate, especially for no reason. 

34. Other people’s giftedness and callings do not diminish my own. 

35. The best stories are the ones with God in the center. 

36. If I can’t remember how long it’s been in the refrigerator, I shouldn’t eat it. 

37. If I concentrate on meeting someone else’s needs, God will take care of mine. 

38. Bookstores are much more dangerous than clothing stores. 

39. When God says yes, it’s because he loves me. And when he says no, it’s because he loves me. 

40. He will accomplish his purpose for me. 

41. I can trust him with my children. And my grandchildren. 

42. Don’t believe your computer when it says your document is saved. Judas thought he was saved, too, and we see where that got him. 

43. It’s more fun to give it away than to keep it. 

44. Saying yes to God is the best thing I’ve ever done. 

45. Saying yes to David was the second best. 

46. There’s no prettier place than South Carolina in the spring. If it ever gets here.

47. Cereal tastes great for any meal. 

48. Don’t believe the person who told you they’d never heard of a family having two colicky babies. 

49. In Mexico in July, it’s possible to sweat from places you never knew could sweat. 

50. The only thing sweeter than rocking your child to sleep is rocking your grandchild to sleep. 

Now it's your turn. What are some of the lessons you've learned over the years? Leave a comment below and share your wisdom. 

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  1. Happy birthday! And I have to add to your "pointless" list: mopping is pointless, too, at least with four children under eight.

    1. Yes, Nikki, mopping's an easy chore for me to ignore, and I don't even have young children. I do have a dog, however -- very similar :)

  2. Happy Birthday! May God bless you abundantly on this day and always! I love your was the truth all the way!

    Blessings - Julie

  3. Oh..Happy belated Birthday! I do enjoy your lessons and as far as I can tell they are extremely correct. I do share your posts often on a page on Facebook and often I don't comment I think of your posts like scattered seeds and if you throw them out there they bloom where God wills. Thanks so much for the encouragement you share and good christian perspective!

    1. Hooray, Lynn, thank you so much for sharing HFG, and for commenting today. You have blessed me!