The Intentional Marriage -- Book Review

“The year 2001 was a year of extreme highs and lows. For the past seven years, Susan and I had been working to revitalize a dying church. We began with only five people, but our church was growing, and we had just completed a major remodeling project. After seven years of plowing and planting, we enjoyed a week of special services to celebrate our new sanctuary. Our body of believers was finally becoming all we had envisioned. 

“Then came September 11—the day of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. When the Twin Towers in New York crumbled to the ground, our country’s way of life changed forever. 

“In October, Susan and I experienced our own personal tragedy. An extramarital affair caused the twin towers of our family and ministry to crumble to the ground, and our family’s life changed forever. After the initial shock and numbness, there was fallout— hurt, tears, questions, and many sleepless nights. We separated for 19 months, and our children divided their time between our two households. 

 “Never-ending questions dogged our days and haunted our nights. Can this relationship be repaired? Does either one of us want the relationship to be repaired? Is divorce unavoidable? Even some of our closest friends encouraged us to cut our losses and move on. . .” 

(Excerpt from The Intentional Marriage by Dennis and Susan Wells)

Dennis and Susan know where struggling marriages live. They're not writing from the hallowed halls of academia or from what they've learned in a book (although Dennis is a licensed counselor and Susan an experienced health care practitioner). They write from the perspectives of those who have struggled deeply, questioned everything they believed to be true, considered turning their backs on their marriage, and instead chose to start over.

They became students of each other, students of themselves, and students of God's principles for a happy, healthy, whole marriage. Their 30-year marriage, resurrected from the ashes, is the result. The Intentional Marriage is the by-product. Filled with practical steps, wise insight, and real-life examples, the Intentional Marriage will enable and equip any couple serious about having a strong and healthy marriage.

Don't be deceived by the small size and short chapters. This little book makes a powerful statement about how to live intentionally with the one you love (or want to learn to love again).

It’s my pleasure to recommend The Intentional Marriage. Available in paperback and eBook at

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  1. Dear Lori
    These two brave people remind me of Psalm 27? which says that unless The Lord builds a house, those who labor built in vain! They know what it is to allow God to not only build, but rebuilt what was ruined, into something beautiful for His glory and their good.
    Blessings XX

  2. Sounds terrific. Thanks for the review. This may be a stocking stuffer for myself and another couple.

  3. Lori, thank you for introducing us to this great resource. I am stopping by from "A Little R and R" today where I was blessed to link up after you.

  4. This looks like a great book. Thank you for sharing. I have a list of helpful books over at my blog You should come check it out.

    Morgan @

  5. This sounds like a very good book. Thank you for sharing about it and I hope that it blesses many people.