51 Reasons

We were babies. Twenty-two and 20, my husband and I married almost 30 years ago. For three-fifths of my life, he's been my alter-ego, my comic relief, and the peanut butter to my jelly. (Notice who's nutty.)

Today is his 51st birthday. To honor him, I'd like to borrow my friend Dawn's beautiful idea and list 

51 Reasons I Love my Husband:

1. He says yes more than no.
2. His lip curls up at the corner when he's telling a story.
3. His hair has turned grey instead of loose.
4.  He gave me Kristen.
5.  And Mary Leigh.
6. He works hard. Too hard, sometimes.
7.  He loves Jesus more than me.
8.  He's the bug killer.
9.  And the bug mopper upper.
10. He told me we needed a dog. He was right.
11. He never makes me feel guilty about eating dessert.
12. He believes me when I say I've heard from God.
13. He speaks biblical truth when I lose perspective. 
14. He has accepted loss, hurt, and disappointment with dignity and faith.
15. He has set aside his own deep grief to unselfishly minister to others.
16. He's passionate -- about the Lord, the Cowboys, and me, maybe in that order. :)
17. He shamelessly loves his children, his son-in-law, and his grandchild.
18. He's not content with superficial relationships.
19. He bought an electric seat warmer for my van. 
20. He's not afraid to share the Gospel.
21. He makes me laugh.
22. He gives me the olives from his salad and the lemons from his tea, not because he doesn't like them, but because he knows I like them more.
23. He tackles our plumbing problems, even though they're seldom easy.
24. He's loyal. 
25. He pursues relationships. 
26. He's taught me to give freely of our time and money.
27. He went back to school and finished his degree. After 20 years.
28. He lets me visit our daughters, even when he can't go.
29. He plays silly games with our dog. 
30. He has a special place in his heart for little old ladies and small children.
31. He plays word games--and wins--even though spelling isn't his strong suit.
32. He lets me eat the ice cream with nuts.
33. He tells me I look lovely.
34. And that I was the prettiest one there.
35. He counts the years, months, and days to our next anniversary.
36. He remembers sermons from 30 years ago.
37. He eats what I cook with thankfulness, even if it's just spaghetti, and never complains about my housekeeping.
38. He prays with me when I'm scared.
39. He is radiant heat to my cold hands and feet.
40. After long weeks of work, he tells me he misses me.
41. He likes home best of all.
44. He is infinitely patient, especially with teenagers and small children.
45. He drove home from Virginia almost every weekend when we were engaged.
46. I told him I wasn't ready for marriage, and he proposed anyway.
47. He asked Maryann Bello to pray that I'd say yes.
48. He balances me--keeping me from working too hard, playing too little, and eating all vegetarian.
49. He's going to be a great Papa to little Lauren.
50. He banned the word divorce from our vocabulary.
51. He rejoices in my successes.

Thank you, Lord, for my husband. For the way you saved him, called him, and continue to use him in your service. Thank you that we've had the privilege to grow in our faith together. Bless him with a long, healthy, productive life, and draw him ever closer to you. May he continue to be a shining light, testifying of your goodness, grace, and love. Help him know how much you love him, and how much I love him, too.

Happy Birthday, Hubby! 


  1. Great tribute, Lori.
    Love the way you wrote it and know it will be a blessing to David as well as others.
    : )

  2. What a beautiful post! So thankful God has blessed you with these years together and trusting Him to give you many more! He is so faithful. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love, Cheryl

  3. Sweeter than birthday cake.

  4. I loved this tribute, Lori. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  5. Wow! I think I like him too!! :) Beautiful tribute!!!

  6. Dear Lori
    And I am sure he is not for sale! Pity....
    Blessings XX

  7. Happy birthday to him first. Secondly, I love this long list of reasons. Sounds like you married a true gem of a husband. Thanks for sharing all these reasons with us.

  8. Happy Birthday to a very special hubby...Visiting from Raising Arrows.
    Blessings from Sheila at Longings End