Like God Today

I got to be like God today.

Whenever we visit the mountain house, one of my first priorities is to fill the many bird feeders that dangle from the wraparound porch. The winters are very cold at 4,000 feet, and thick snow often blankets the ground. It is difficult for small creatures to find enough to eat.

I love to haul the huge bucket of bird seed outside to the porch, dig out the scoop, and fill each feeder to the brim. For good measure, I also scatter some seed on the porch railings. Within minutes hungry birds begin to flock to the feeders. There is the occasional squabble over a particularly savory sunflower seed, but for the most part the steady stream of visitors comes and goes quietly. Their silent takeoffs and landings remind me of the times I’ve looked out from the observation deck at the airport and watched the planes come and go.

Psalm 145:15 states of God, “The eyes of all look expectantly to You, and You give them their food in due season. You open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” As I provide food for my feathered friends, I identify with the Father heart of God. He knows our needs. Better still, He cares about them, and He is eager to meet all of our needs in due season. We don’t have to fear that His resources will ever run short, for His bucket is deep, and His scoop is large. His hand is generous, providing all that we need and then some. “Open your mouth wide,” God encourages us, “and I will fill it!”

I got to be like God today, and it made me smile.

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