Sneezes, Snakes, and Life’s Big Questions

Mary Leigh & Twins @ Zoo
On Friday, I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. I went to the zoo with my daughter and the twin four-year olds she was babysitting. Our primary mission was to try to catch a glimpse of the elusive baby koala, Owen. The process was not an easy one. I had forgotten how complicated a simple outing could be with small children. Car seat (x2). Lunch (x2). Raincoats, band aides (just in case), and dollars for the carousel. When did the price change from quarters to dollars? Obviously sometime in the last fourteen years or so. 

I had also forgotten how much fun it was to interact with four year olds who tell you everything. “My daddy works out, that’s why he has 100 muscles,” and “My hair is short because my sister was playing with the scissors, and I got in the way.”

I had forgotten, too, that little legs tire easily, and piggyback rides are the easiest way to transport small children who ask, “Let me hold you!” I had forgotten how sweet it felt to hold a little hand in mine, and how wide a smile could get when riding a “flying tiger” on the carousel.

Hundreds of questions kept me thinking. “Why is that snake sticking his tongue out at me?” “Can fish hold their breath?” “Do alligators get tired of eating fish all the time?” I felt like a Jeopardy contestant working her way to the jackpot after I fielded category after category of potential brain stumpers.

I had forgotten how good it felt to answer black and white questions that have only one answer. The questions are harder now that I have young adults. I can’t fake any of the answers, because the stakes are higher than any Jeopardy game.

Christian parent, if you have young children, savor every moment. Even when they sneeze on you. Hug them before they get too cool for such nonsense. And encourage them to ask questions. Someday those simple questions will pave the way for harder ones.

If you are the parent of older children or young adults, savor every moment. Even if they bring you to your knees in prayer. Especially if they bring you to your feet in praise. And don’t fear the questions. Claim the promise of James 1:5: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God who gives to all men liberally without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

God bless you as you parent your children in faith!

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  1. I love it! It is awesome to still be answering the "Whats this thing do?!" Now I have to say "I will get back to you in 2 seconds on that and consult "Hows it made!" It is amazing grabbing the hugs and kisses when I can and still waiting till they are fast asleep to give them a kiss and and I Love you while they sleep!