FIXED LINK! Why We Should Never Stop Applauding Our Nation's Military Families

A sharp-eyed reader noticed that the link for the rest of this article was broken in a previous post, so I'm resenting. You don't want to miss this!

For 30 years my family has lived in the shadow of one of the largest military training bases in the country, Fort Jackson, in Columbia, South Carolina. I've attended church with, lived beside, and educated my children with those who serve in the United States
Army. I've formed deep friendships with women whose husbands have served in Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

But it wasn't until my daughter married a United States Naval officer that I truly began to understand the deep sacrifices these men, women, and families make on behalf of our country. We should never stop appreciating our military because of what they give and what they give up. . .  

To read the rest of this article, "Why We Should Never Stop Appreciating Our Nation's Military's families, CLICK HERE.

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