Christmas in August (A Sneak Preview of 3 Keys to a Spiritual Christmas)

Today may be the first day of September, but I'm already thinking about one of my favorite holidays, Christmas. With a little advance planning, it's possible to have a joyful, spirit-filled holiday that draws your family closer to the Lord and shares the love of Christ with our community. 

Today I'm pulling back the curtain on a new women's ministry presentation I've developed to help families do just that. 

3 Keys
To a Spirit-filled Christmas
Keeping the Spirit in Christmas
A Women’s Ministry Presentation

Description: We desire a spiritual Christmas, but sometimes the most beautiful parts of the season get crowded out. In 3 Keys to a Spirit-filled Christmas, I'll share how to unlock your celebration, your treasure, and your heart to welcome Christ into your holiday season.

Using humor, real-life stories, and examples, I'll offer practical suggestions to help you celebrate in ways that draw you and others closer to Jesus.

Planning Suggestions: Suitable for a Christmas Tea, Women’s Ministry Event, Holiday Celebration, or Ladies’ Night Out.

Presentation Ideas: Use the key theme for table d├ęcor. Secure door prizes that coordinate with some of the suggestions Lori shares for how to unlock your celebration, treasure, and heart. Print tickets or invitations on key-shaped cardstock. Give away antique keys tied with red ribbons as Christmas tree ornaments to remind attendees of the three “key” points of Lori’s talk. (Click here to order).

If you're interested in bringing 3 Keys to a Spirit-filled Christmas to your church or women's event, please pass along the information below to your women's ministry coordinator or contact me at


  1. This program sounds wonderful, and I would love to participate. Unfortunately, my church only has about 30 people there on a Sunday, and seven of them are my family. :)

    1. Ahhh, Nikki, that sounds like our church--only BIGGER. Maybe I should have had more children ;)

  2. Christmas "saturnalia" is a pagan festival nothing to do with Messiahs birth which is (Sukkot)