I Wuv You

Our recent week at the beach was one of the most challenging vacations my husband and I have taken in quite awhile.

Past vacations have involved traveling with teenagers and then young adults who were pretty self-sufficient. This was our first trip with my daughter, son-in-law, and “the littles,” our two-year-old and eight-month-old granddaughters. We knew our time together would involve more work, more expense, more noise, and less rest.

It would also, we hoped, involve more fun, more laughter, and more love. 

We were right on both accounts. 

It was hard work helping our daughter and son-in-law feed, bathe, and occupy their busy two-year-old and pre-crawling baby. It took effort to ensure our hard-working daughter and son-in-law enjoyed much-needed rest and fun.

We washed mountains of dishes and piles of clothes. We helped with bath time, naptime, and beach time. We wiped sticky faces, floors, and bottoms. We made daily trips to the grocery store and changed diapers, clothing, and sheets.

But oh, the payoff!

What a joy to watch the little ones squeal with delight as the waves crashed over their tippy toes. How fun to share sandy games of Bocce, warm boiled peanuts, and late-night Farkle contests. How special to see our fisherman son-in-law’s grin as he showed off his salty catch and our daughter’s contented smile as she relaxed under a beach umbrella with her napping baby on her chest. How we loved watching the crushing demands of the day-to-day wash from their faces with every receding tide. 

Best of all were the sweet moments with our granddaughters.

When baby Caroline’s face lit up with her gummy, two-toothed grin every time she caught a glimpse of us. When she and her sister snuggled up close, tucked their heads under our chins, and drifted off to sleep in our arms. When little Lauren, the second-generation dandelion girl, wrapped her arms around our necks, planted sloppy, sticky kisses on our cheeks, and spontaneously declared, “I wuv you.”

Replaying the sweet memories of the week as I walked on the beach our last day, God gave me a moving insight into his Father heart for me.

Loving you is hard, he said to my heart. It’s messy, and sometimes you’re ungrateful. It’s sacrificial, and sometimes you don’t even notice. It’s costly, and sometimes you take it for granted. But when you wrap your arms around my neck, cuddle up close, and tell me how much you love me, it’s worth it all.

I love you, Lord Jesus. Thank you for loving me. Help me never forget the price you paid to save me. 

“We love him, because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

What about you? What have you experienced recently that reminds you of how much God loves you? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. And if you’re reading by email, click here to visit Hungry for God online, scroll to the bottom of the post, and leave a comment. 

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  1. Lori, There's something so precious about little children--their excitement for even the smallest of things is contagious. Their faith is what warms my heart the most--they love Jesus simply--and believe! For young ones, the miracles performed by Jesus truly ARE possible, no questions asked. Oh to have the faith of a child (as the Scriptures encourage us).


  2. Every time I look at my newest daughter's face, I am reminded of how much God loves me. She's an answer to prayer that I didn't even make! Her sunny personality makes everyone around her smile, even if they don't much care for babies. :)

    We're heading to the beach soon, too, and my mother will help me out just as much as you helped out yours. How wonderful to be in such loving, helping families! Another way I'm reminded that God loves me.