Because Mom Believed in Me

December 24, 1981 

To Lori: 

To my #1 daughter. I know how much you enjoy reading poetry, and I hope you’re enjoying this book. 

Someday I wish that you will buy for me a book of poetry by Lori Slice. 

I hope you continue writing. I know you will write a book. I really believe it with all my heart. You always had a special way of expressing what you feel. 

I love you, 

Your mom

May 7, 2014 

To Mom: 

To my #1 mom. Thanks for believing in me long before I believed in myself. Thanks for encouraging my writing efforts, reading everything I’ve written, and enthusiastically (and embarrassingly) sharing it with everyone. 

You said you knew someday I’d write a book, and you were right. Only instead of expressing what I feel in my book, God has allowed me the privilege of expressing what he feels. 

As I’ve gotten to know him, I’ve found that he’s a lot like you—he loves me, believes in me, wants the best for me, and stands behind me cheering me on. I hope you enjoy this book. 

I love you, 

Your daughter Lori 

(L-R) Me, my mom, and my sister Cindy

To my readers: 

When I first became a Christian, I was hungry to learn about God but didn’t know how to go about it. I remember buying an old Billy Graham discipleship book at a thrift store. Every morning during breakfast I’d read a short section, look up a few verses, and write my answers in the blanks. 

I’m sure I got many answers wrong, but this fledgling attempt helped me learn about our amazing God. Thirty years later, I still spend time every morning growing in God’s wisdom and grace. The devotions in my upcoming 31-day devotional book, Hungry for God . . . Starving for Time, 5-Minute Devotions for Busy Women, are the result of asking him questions and searching for answers as I read his Word. 

Each devotion begins with a question I call Facetime—something you’d love to ask God face to face, maybe over a cup of coffee. Some questions are weighty such as God, this situation seems hopeless. Why even bother to pray? Others are lighter, like God, I’m having a bad hair day. How can I feel better about myself? These questions offer a connecting point with God and feed you with his Truth. I hope my questions will resonate with you, and the answers I share will help you know God better. 

In the days to come I’ll be updating you on the book’s progress. I’ll ask you to vote for your favorite cover, invite you to preview sample devotions, and recruit you to help me spread the word when it’s time to launch. 

In the meantime, will you pray? 

Pray for the layout and design team as they format my book into a pocket-sized volume busy women can tuck into a purse, book bag, or diaper bag. 

Pray for my beta readers as they comb the proof for typos and spelling errors. 

Pray for the graphic design team as they create a compelling cover. 

And pray for me as I gather people just like my mom who will be willing to help spread the word that spending five minutes a day with God can change your life. 

I know, because it changed mine. 

I love you, 


Me and my cute mom at my parents' 50th anniversary celebration. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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