Don't Keep God's Miracles to Yourself

“When GAWD blesses you, he don’t even have you in mind!” 

This quote from the late Pastor E.V. Hill of the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California lives forever in my memory. In the original sermon, Pastor Hill was reminding his congregants that God gives us resources so we can share them with others in need. 

Recently, though, in my quest to read through the Bible in a year, I read a passage in Joshua that reinforces Dr. Hill’s observation in a slightly different way. 

God had just parted the Jordan River and allowed the Israelites to enter the Promised Land on dry ground. To commemorate the miracle forever, he instructed the tribal leaders to carry 12 stones out of the middle of the Jordan and pile them into a heap as a memorial. 

“. . . that all the peoples of the earth may know the hand of the Lord, that it is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever,” God explained. 

With these words, God gave us the reasons why we he commands us to tell others about his work in our day-to-day lives: 

1. So others can see what God does and believe in him. 

2. So our faith will grow. 

It’s really quite simple. Everything God allows into our lives is for one of two purposes: to draw us and others into a saving relationship with him and/or to grow our faith and make us more like Jesus. 

Therefore, as our dear pastor E.V. Hill says, “Don’t keep God’s miracles to yourself. Share them with others.” (my paraphrase). 

How often does someone ask you to pray about something, but never tells you how God answers? How often do we ask someone to pray about something, but never share how God answers? Faith stories inspire faith. When we keep God’s work in our lives a secret, however, we miss an opportunity to build someone’s faith. And sometimes, that someone is an unsaved family member, friend, or coworker. 

We’re usually comfortable sharing with our Christian friends or fellow church members what God is doing in our lives, but we hesitate to share our faith stories with the unsaved. I propose, however, based on Joshua 4:24, that unbelievers need to hear our faith stories even more than our believing friends. 

We need to be respectful, of course, if someone doesn’t want to hear, but we shouldn’t automatically assume they’re not interested. I’ve found most people are very open to personal stories, especially those with a faith component. People are curious about God, and the chance to talk with someone who has experienced his power in her life is intriguing. 

The Israelites had a major miracle to talk about. And they did a great job telling the story. We’re still marveling over it thousands of years later. 

God sometimes works miraculously in our lives, but usually his work is more subtle. He may send a verse of Scripture to encourage or empower us when we’re feeling down. He may send financial provision from an unexpected source when we’re wondering how to make ends meet. Or he might bring someone across our path to provide help, direction, or instruction we need at just the right time. These acts of God are equally worthy of sharing. 

Don’t feel like you need to wait until you experience a Jordan River miracle to share a faith story. It’s often the sweet, simple evidences of God’s care that touch tender places in other people’s hearts. 

So the next time God does something wonderful in your life, don’t keep it to yourself. Prayerfully consider who might benefit from hearing your story, and don’t be afraid to share it. May God use and bless your words today. 

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