Tim Hawkins - Homeschool Dad

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins earns his living making people laugh. And he’s good at it. 

Since he started giving away his comedy free online, his music videos and stand-up clips have received more than 200,000,000 views on YouTube, GodTube, and Facebook alone. Fan favorites include “The Government Can,” Cletus Take the Reel,” “Chick Fil A,” “The Homeschool Family,” and “Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife.” In 2013, he’ll perform live in 32 states, in front of nearly 200,000 fans.

A homeschooling father of four, Hawkins gets “new material daily from the perils of marriage, parenting, and homeschooling.” His comedy routines regularly include references to some of the laughable moments he has experienced as the father of children who range in age from seven to 17.

At a recent performance, Hawkins gently poked fun at the mistaken notion that homeschooled children spend most of their time at home. “Hey, are there any homeschoolers here tonight?” he asked the sold-out crowd. To the cheer that went up from a large section of the audience he replied, “How’s it feel to get out?” The laughter that followed was his answer.

As he discusses his family’s homeschooling experience, Hawkins is quick to laugh at himself. Describing a successful coop which his family helped organize, he admits to being less than stellar at teaching math. “I was actually fired several years ago,” he confessed, “I was the math teacher, and we realized that the only subject my son was failing at the time was math . . . maybe in the public schools it’s hard to fire someone,” he mused, “but in homeschooling, it’s easy. You just say the word, and it’s over . . ."

(To read the rest of this full-length article, including Tim's thoughts on his wife's battle with breast cancer, how he stays pure while traveling, and what's he's given up to invest in his marriage and family, CLICK HERE.)

To end on a silly note, here's a fun spoof Tim's done that addresses many of the stereotypes about homeschooling families.

(Please don't leave me angry comments if you don't enjoy his brand of humor. As a home educator for 17 years, I firmly believe that no method of education is right for every family, and if we don't learn to breath grace and maintain a sense of humor, life will be a joyless endeavor :)

LET'S HEAR FROM YOU: Have you ever seen Tim Hawkins in concert? What's your favorite comedy routine?

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  1. Lori,
    Thanks for this post. Well done. I sent a You Tube video of Tim's work to one of our church pastors. It's on hand raising. Have you watched that one?

  2. We have almost all of his DVDs, and LOVE them! He is a hoot! I think "Hey there Delilah" is one of my favorite songs. :)

  3. I only saw one clip of his (where have I been?!) and I enjoyed the one you have above. Thanks for sharing this enjoyable post!!

  4. I haven't seen Tim Hawkins in concert, but recently heard a clip on the radio and had to find him on YouTube. Cracked. Me. Up! And then I had to share it with others. So good. :)
    (Visiting from WholeHearted Home today.)

    1. I got to see him in concert two years ago, and later got to interview him. I was so afraid that I'd ask a dumb question and I'd become the object of his next comedy routine, but he was very kind. Whew!

  5. Oh my goodness, we LOVE Tim Hawkins. Just watched "The Government Can" the other night (that one is funny but sobering at the same time). I think one of my favorites is "Things You Don't Say To Your Wife." I think we've watched all his videos on YouTube. I was homeschooled for 10 years and my hubby was for a few as well--we really appreciate this guy! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. You're right, Jaimie, he just says what the rest of us are thinking!

  6. He is SO FUNNY. One of my favorites is Hey There Deliliah. I laugh EVERY time I watch it. It never grows old :)

  7. Sounds like a funny guy. I'm going to check out some of his youtubes. Thanks, Lori. See you soon : )

  8. Great post! I am loving some Tim Hawkins at the end of the day, just to get some medicine! Praise God for comedy like his.