The Taser in my Pocket

I seldom walk without a Taser in my back pocket. 

I’ve discharged it a few times, too. Only at dogs, but I’m prepared to zap a human attacker if I need to. So far the sound alone has been enough to make a menacing canine think twice about coming any closer. The intimidating electric crackle has stopped every dog in its tracks; most turn tail and run. It’s been an effective defensive weapon to protect my dog, Winston, and me as we take our morning walk. 

Sometimes, though, I forget to slip it into my pocket as I leave the house. When I reach for it, it’s not there. Other times I’ve neglected to charge it, and when I need it, it’s useless. 

After a dog attacked Winston one morning a year ago, I became more aware of the need for protection. Unfortunately, I’m not always as conscious or as careful about protecting myself against another type of attack—a spiritual one. 

I suspect I’m vulnerable physically as I walk the streets of my neighborhood, but I know with certainty I’m vulnerable spiritually. The book of First Peter describes Satan, the enemy of my soul, as a roaring lion, prowling about, seeking whom he might destroy. He’s the ruler of this world and has buried IEDs everywhere. These destructive weapons have the capability to hurt, maim, and kill my family, my marriage, my witness, my ministry, and even my soul. 

And you are equally vulnerable. 

The good news is that just like I have a Taser for physical protection, I also have an arsenal of spiritual weapons. 

I have: 

The helmet of salvation (Eph 6:17). This protects my soul from spending eternity separated from God. 

The breastplate of righteousness (Eph. 6:14). The moment I surrender myself to him, Christ drapes his mantle of righteousness over my filthy rags of self-effort. My responsibility from this point on is to walk in righteousness by yielding myself to God (Romans 12). Righteous living protects me from sinful behavior and its consequences. 

The shield of faith (Eph 6:16). Faith is believing in God based on his character and what he has done in the past. Faith protects me from despair and hopelessness. Faith is also an offensive weapon with which I can storm the gates of hell on behalf of Kingdom work. 

The sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17). A sword is always an offensive weapon, and with the sword of the Spirit I can battle the forces of darkness. The Spirit prays for me when I don’t know how, teaches me God’s truth, and fills me with courage. 

The belt of truth (Eph 6:14). Truth is every Word that comes from God. Truth helps us advocate for the helpless, champion for right, and understand how we should live in this crooked and perverse generation. Truth speaks difficult things boldly yet tenderly, and is always governed by God’s love. 

Shoes fitted with the readiness of the Gospel (Eph. 6:15). Everywhere we go, the Gospel should mark our steps, determine our course, and govern our actions. When we wear Gospel shoes, we notice where God is at work and join him. 

But like my Taser, left behind on the table, these weapons can’t protect us unless we carry them with us. 

How do we do this? 

We put on the helmet of salvation by acknowledging our sin, turning from it, and giving Christ control of our lives. (For more information on how to have a relationship with Christ, CLICK HERE.) 

We wear the breastplate of righteousness by accepting that Christ has given us new natures and seeking to behave as Jesus did. 

We lift the shield of faith by believing God’s Word, living in light of his promises, and praying for God’s work in the world. 

We buckle on the belt of truth by studying the Bible and basing our lives on the words it contains. 

We lace up the Gospel shoes by learning how to share the good news of Jesus Christ and telling others. 

It’s an impressive cache of weapons – and they are all ours for the taking.

I invite you to ask yourself, Am I adequately prepared for the spiritual battle that rages around me? 

 Which weapons do I regularly leave behind? 


 I challenge you – don’t begin another day without gearing up with God’s weapons of protection. It’s a matter of life or death. 

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  1. Hi Lori, such a great post and great reminder to keep ourselves protected spiritually. I've been reminding my daughter and her friend of the very same thing, but i need to remind myself too.
    God bless

    1. You're a good mom, Tracy, to be teaching your daughter these truths. You're right, though, that before we can protect our children, we must protect ourselves. Remember the pre-flight instructions on every airplane? "In case of emergency, put the oxygen mask over YOUR nose and mouth and THEN assist your children." Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. What a wonderful illustration of how we need to be prepared spiritually! This was so wonderful - thank you for sharing this!

    Blessings - Julie

  3. I didn't realize you walk with a taser, Lori. Interesting! And, as always, a great spiritual application. I think I'm the one who has the taser with her but not always charged : }

    1. Yup, Gail, when I took you for a walk in my neighborhood, I was packing. . . told you it was safe ;)

  4. Loved this, Lori! I can't tell you the number of times over the years that those particular verses have been a comfort to it as I "put on the armor of Christ!"

    Wow, I think that taser idea is pretty cool. So you just turn it on and it makes a noise and scares the dogs off?

    My son was chased by two dogs in our neighborhood (one a pit bull) when he was out running. He heard them barking and saw them running toward him and he ran toward a stationary pick-up truck.

    He fell and cut his leg all up but he managed to get into the bed of the truck before the dogs reached him. It was scary.

    I should look into getting a taser. Never even occurred to me!

    Thanks so much for linking up! Also wanted you to know that the new "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party is live and ready for your posts!

    1. My taser is one that has to be touching the person (or beast) to shock them. I've never had to use it on anyone in that sense, thank the Lord. It can also be discharged without touching someone. When I discharge it into the air, all it does is make a very scary electrical crackle. Advancing dogs will stop in their tracks and most run away, especially if I yell along with the crackle. Of course, Winston also wants to run away :) Poor fella.

      I think this would have helped your son during his scary experience. I pray I'll never have to actually use it on an animal or person, but if it's me or them, they're going down!

      I ordered mine online by googling "tasers" and paid about $25. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. That taser idea is a good one!! I have one and think I will take it with me the next time I go for a walk. I never thought of carrying it, duh!! I liked how you used it as an illustration. Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home this past week.