Beautiful Eyes

I knew what my husband was going to say before he said it. 

We had just spent a few hours with our new neighbor and her mother. I invited her to our church, and she and her mom had surprised me by coming. Wanting to get to know them better, we asked them to join us for pizza after the service. 

Whitney is a beautiful woman about my age. She has wide, tawny eyes with long lashes. Her teeth are straight and white. As I sat across from her while we talked, I watched her, thinking again how attractive she was. That’s how I knew what my husband was going to say before he said it. 

“I was thinking about Whitney,” he said later, and the little worm of jealousy and insecurity wiggled inside me. “I was watching her eyes.” 

“She has very beautiful eyes,” I acknowledged. 

“. . . but they’re not like yours,” he said. “They don’t smile.” 

David saw what I had missed that day. He echoed the observation of the old English proverb that says, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Unlike me, he had looked past Whitney’s outward beauty and peered into her heart, which was empty without Jesus. 

When we encounter beautiful people, it’s easy to forget that what we see on the outside doesn’t always reflect what’s going on on the inside. Hollywood actors and actresses are a good example of this, but so are our friends and neighbors. 

As we talked about spiritual things with Whitney and her mom over pizza that day, I hope it was the first of many conversations we’ll have with them. I pray, in time, Whitney will come to know God personally as her Savior. Then she can experience what the writer of Proverbs  describes: “A happy heart makes the face cheerful.” 

And there’s nothing that makes a heart happier than knowing Christ as Savior. 

Today I’m praying for Whitney. What about you? Whom has God brought into your life that needs to experience the joy that only comes from knowing God? Not superficial happiness, but the deep-down-inside joy that only Jesus can give? Pray for them today, and then take a step toward building a relationship that will one day grant you the opportunity to share the reason for the hope that lies within you. 

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  1. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into some serious goodness.

    Also wanted to extend an invite ... to share this post (or another fave) to encourage even more moms. We could use it.

    Join the Melody ...

    1. Thanks for the invite, Sarah, and for dropping in :)

  2. I find your impulse to compare yourself negatively interesting. Thanks for being vulnerable in this post.

  3. Interesting post, Lori. The title brought me, the story hooked me, and you delivered a meaningful lesson. Thanks!

    1. So glad you weren't disappointed :) Thanks for the kind words, Gail.

  4. I love how going out with another couple gives you the opportunity to not only get to know them but each other better. Double dates are great for that. Thanks for sharing your heart and being vulnerable. Sounds like you and your husband have a great thing going. Steve & Chrissy @

    1. I'm very blessed with a good man! Thanks for stopping by Steve & Chrissy.

  5. Hmn... food for thought for me, how often I go by without taking notice of important things God would have wanted me to do. Thanks for sharing, coming by from Matrimonial Monday, have a super blessed day!

  6. I have seen lots of unsmiling eyes too! Thanks for reminding us where real joy comes from!

  7. I love this post. Sometimes it is easy for us to compare ourselves to others and what we may think we are lacking. Haven't we all been there? Good for your husband to see past what is fleeting to what really mattered. A true partner. I hope that your neighbors will find God in their life and the peace that He brings.


    1. Amen, Kim. Thanks for your kind words and prayers :)