Caesar, the 115-lb. lap dog

Hunter and Caesar
Caesar was impressive. 

The biggest Doberman Pinscher I’ve ever seen, his head was bigger than mine. Flatfooted, he stood three and a half feet tall, but on hind legs, he could easily rest his massive paws on his owner’s shoulders. Weighing in at 115 pounds, Caesar made everyone who saw him stop in their tracks, and most back up. 

What many didn’t know, however, was that Caesar was an overgrown lap dog. 

We’d often meet for Bible study in his owners', Carlos and Diane’s, cozy study. After we had taken our places and opened our books, Caesar would survey the room. Gazing longingly at the now-occupied couches, he’d position himself directly in front of someone with an open lap. Turning his beseeching brown eyes upon the chosen one, he’d gently lay his massive head in his or her lap and wait for the inevitable strokes his shiny black fur invited. Closing his eyes, he’d release a sigh that emanated from the depths of his doggie soul. 

“He’d climb into your lap if he could,” Carlos would say with a chuckle and a shake of his head. 

I see a lot of Caesar in myself. 

Sometimes I’m big and brave. My faith is strong, my vision clear, and my purpose unwavering. I pray mighty prayers, dream lofty dreams, and accomplish great things in the name of the Lord. Other times, I just want to crawl up in God’s lap and sigh. 

The world is too big. The problems are too heavy. My faith is too weak. 

It is during times like these that I am comforted by the knowledge that God is one who sympathizes with my weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15). 

Isaiah 40:11 shows me the Father-heart of God: “He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.” 

And Matthew 23:37: “how often I have longed to gather (my) children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.” 

On sad, scary, or wimpy days, it’s comforting to know that I can crawl up into my Father’s lap and rest there. He’s willing to hold me close to his heart, for as long as I need him to. 

Like Caesar, sometimes I’m big, brave, and bold. Other times I’m frail, weak, and frightened. Either way, God meets me where I am. As I rest quietly in his presence, he lays his mighty hand upon my head and something miraculous happens. Nothing changes in my situation, but as I rest in his presence, he fills me with hope, strength, and the ability to press on. 

 “Come unto me,” our Savior says, “all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). 

Do you need to crawl up into God’s lap today? If you’ll leave a comment below, I’ll pray for you. If you’re reading by email, click here to comment. 

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  1. Thank you for dropping by Family and Faith Matters. I totally agree with everything you said. I have mentioned the envelope system in former posts. And yes - being strict can help you set priorities and save money. Please visit me at


  2. I love crawling up into my Father's lap! Although I don't do it often enough. Thanks for sharing this Lori, it's a wonderful reminder to me.

  3. You know, I popped over here to read this and got busy reading your other post about osteoporosis and forgot to leave a comment on THIS one!

    Big dogs have always scared me and yet it was a LITTLE dog that actually bit me, lol!

    I love the analogy of this because we ARE able to crawl into our Heavenly Father's lap! He loves us and WANTS us to bring our burdens and concerns to Him, just as you said.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

  4. lorihatcher4:12 PM

    A dog-loving, God-loving friend once observed that DOG is GOD spelled backward. I think everyone who has ever been the recipient of God's love and a dog's love will agree that there's definitely a link somewhere. . . :)

  5. You're a great storyteller, Lori. I could just imagine that big "lapdog" looking up at me with his big brown eyes and the dog-breathed sigh he heaves. :) So sweet and so very true that we all want to feel that touch from our Father. Thanks for reminding me that He is always ready for me to climb up into His lap! I'd love to have you link this up over at my place for Wedded Wed, Lori. It's a keeper!

  6. lorihatcher4:03 PM

    Praying for you today, Beth!

  7. lorihatcher4:04 PM

    Praying for you today, Jolene :)

  8. I LOVE this story, Lori. I hope you will share it at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy!
    Aplomb... isn't it great when we get to grow our vocabularies? (I recently learned a new word in a middle grade book!)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Create With Joy

  9. lorihatcher4:51 PM

    I’d love to. Thank you for the invitation!

  10. theprovisionroom8:06 PM

    So, so true! (btw, I was drawn to this post via the Wise Woman Link-Up because my son's name is Caesar. And he's a snuggler, too! :-) )

  11. lorihatcher10:26 PM

    We met a man named Julio Caesar on a mission trip to Mexico – he was awesome, too! Must be something in the name. . . Thanks so much for stopping by J

  12. I always enjoy stopping by and listening as you share a story and encourage us spiritually to press on. Thank you for linking up over at WholeHearted Home this week.