Need a Good Read? Love's Memory's It

I admit it. I was skeptical at first.

When Shannon O'Connell emailed me asking me to help promote her new book, I already knew I didn't like it. It looked like one of those sappy romance stories that I used to read in high school.

But because she asked so nicely, I agreed to read it to see if I felt comfortable sharing it with you, my precious readers.

And boy, was I surprised.

Although I planned only to read enough to make a judgement call, I became thoroughly engaged in the story.  Was Valerie seriously injured in the accident? Is the trucker who stopped to help her friend or foe? And what about Bessie? What in the world made her pray for a woman she hadn't even met yet? And how did she know it was her when she picked her up on the side of the road? What about Valerie's husband? Did he care, or was he deceived by Erin into thinking it was all over? Would young Wren have to grow up without a mother? 

And then the FBI got involved. After the bank robbery, that is. I wondered, would Valerie realize Reagan was really Manny and learn to love him again?

The story is compelling, fast-paced, and full of hope that biblical love can triumph even in the most hopeless of scenarios. It's wholesome without being cheesy. Extremely well-written, Love's Memory is one of the few romances I've ever encouraged women to read. The launch of this Shannon O'Donnell book begins today. You can read all the glorious details below.

Disclaimer: Other than an electronic copy of Love's Memory, I received no compensation for my honest review of this book.

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Love’s Memory has been called: • "Soul-stirring," • "An inspiring story" • "Compelling, enthralling” • "Wonderfully suspenseful." • "A true page turner.” • “Romance with a twist” • This book is a great gift for moms, dads, teens, fiction readers, romance lovers, and inspirational readers.

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  1. Sounds like a fast ready! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Oh! That is a wonderful recommendation coming from your side. I have always enjoyed reading books special romantic ones. I love reading fast paced stories where the things do not gyrate at a same point but ponder over new and interesting lines and characters. The questions that you have written indicate a great plot with Valerie as the main female character and her life. And as you said she has a child too, young Wren, I really want to know what happens to him and where does all these incidences take him? The blend of bank robbery and FBI in a romantic story would really be interesting to read. I want to read this book even more because of it driven with the faith in God and hope that everything would settle down at the end. Love surely can conquer all odds and hopeless. I surely will be reading it and would post my comment on how I liked it. Marriage Advice For Women