Sneak peek inside our devotions writing workshop

Photos courtesy of Jim Manning

"When you write for God, and you really mean it . . . your work may never show up on the shelves of Lifeway. It may never find its way into bound print at all. But when you write for God, when you write with the heart of a servant . . . you may find that your words are only meant for the guy sitting next to you. If you can accept this . . . live with it . . . grasp it . . . then you can truly write for God."
~ Alton Gansky

"'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.' 
There's no coincidence that God calls himself the Word. When the Word comes to live inside us, he can't help but come out the same way he went in:
through the words." ~Lori Hatcher

"Let your heart bleed where God's heart bleeds, and you will find gushing wells of inspiration and emotion." ~Cindy Sproles

"Educate yourself in your craft and on your subject. You are accountable for the information you share. Read scripture as a whole and use caution to hold all you do within the context of the Word." ~ C. Sproles

"Help your reader feel as though you have placed your arm around her and are walking the faith walk together."
 ~Lori Hatcher

If you're interested in hosting a devotion writing class at your church, ladies or men's ministry event, or other venue, contact Lori by clicking on the Speaking Ministry/Contact Me tab at the top of the web page or click here.

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