When God Looks You in the Eye, What Does He See?

(Obviously, this is not me.)
I sat still, trying not to squirm, as he shined the bright light directly into my eyes.

I was visiting my favorite opthalmologist, Dr. Ben Ingram, for my annual eye-exam. Dr. Ingram loves the Lord and is a great example of a Christian professional, husband, and father. As he prepared to examine my eyes, he noted that it had been several years since he'd dilated my pupils.

Dilation is important, he says, because our pupils naturally shrink from the bright lights doctors like to shine in them. If the pupil closes up tightly it's very difficult for a doctor to see well enough inside to detect anything harmful.

And so with my pupils wide open, I sat quietly while he peered into the hidden recesses of my eyes. It was an intense scrutiny, and I felt vulnerable. What would he see?

A wise sage once said, "The eyes are the windows to the soul."

God's Word says something similar: "The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!" (Matthew 6:22-23).

As Dr. Ingram intently scrutinized my eyes, it reminded me of how God examines us. Though Scripture says he looks at us through eyes of love, his eyes are not hindered by dilated pupils squeezed tightly shut whenever the light of his Word penetrates them.

 Second Chronicles 16:9 says "the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth."

When he peers into my eyes and shines the light of His Word into the deepest parts of my life, what does he see?

He may see belief, but is belief enough?

"You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that-- and shudder"
 (James 1:9).

He may see a lot of Bible knowledge, a string of memory verses, and a lifetime of church attendance, but is that enough ?

Demons know more scripture than the average Christian, quote Bible verses to God himself, and attend church regularly.

"What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him?" (James 1:14).

When God peers into my eyes and shines the light of his Word into the deepest parts of my life, what does he see?

Does he see a poser? A hypocrite? Someone who wants the trappings of religion without the sacrifice of service? Does he see someone who, in the words of E.V. Hill, is "not an angel, but not a devil either, maybe some kind of devilish angel?"

"Friendship with the world is enmity (hatred) toward God."

"No man can serve two masters."

"Be hot or be cold."

In the kingdom of God, there's no room for fence straddling.No place for having a foot in the world and a foot in the Kingdom. God didn't spill Christ's precious blood so I can be double-souled.

"If you are lukewarm, I will vomit you out of my mouth."

 When God looks into your eyes, what does he see?

 "For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him" (2 Chronicles 16:9).

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  1. We/I need to hear these good, strong truths of God, Lori. Thanks for sharing them from the eye perspective.

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