Would You Wash Jesus' Feet? Lesson #2 from the Homeless

Jeff Snow is a man's man.  

The service manager at Goodyear Tire and Auto, Jeff's not afraid to get his hands dirty.  He was quick to engage me in conversation that night at the park.  I got the sense that he enjoyed being in control of a situation and getting things done. I was surprised to find that he was the man I was supposed to talk to that night -- the man who washed homeless men's feet.

For two years, he told me, he and his team of foot washers had set up their station each week at a local park where homeless men gathered for a free meal and a kind word.  Jeff described what would happen next.

"The men knew that we had a new, clean pair of socks for them, but that they couldn't get the socks unless we washed their feet.  For some of them, they hadn't been able to wash their feet in a week.  On winter nights we'd make sure we had lots of warm water."

"While one of us washed their feet,"  Jeff continued, "someone else would be praying for them.  There's something about having their feet in the water that brings about a quiet time with God. It is a very spiritual experience," he said.

Snow's ministry was not all one-sided. 

"One day," he related, "I reached down to pray for a man, and he began praying for me."  Foot washing, he says, "is a humbling experience, both for you and the person washing your feet.  It humbled me to realize that I could go home, jump in the shower, and wash my feet every day. Some of these people haven't had the chance to wash their feet in a week."

Jeff Snow and his foot washing team are my heroes.  In each homeless person who comes their way, they see the face (and the feet) of Jesus.  And they get to minister to Him. How cool is that?

"As much as you've done it unto the least of these, my brothers," Christ said, "you've done it unto me." (Mat. 25:40)  


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