A Book is Born!

As my loyal subscribers, I wanted you to be the first to know.

At 2:08 a.m. this morning, Wednesday, June 15,  the book Joy in the Journey -- Encouragement for Homeschooling Moms was born.  It was a painful labor.  After the first 7-1/2 hours of labor, the manuscript was kidnapped into cyberspace, never to return.

Labor began again on Sunday afternoon and concluded this morning with a successful delivery.

Many thanks to my daughters who lent their typing fingers to the task as well as adopted daughters Katherine and Taylor.  Thanks also to those of you who have been praying for me and encouraging me along the way.

For those of you outside the homeschooling community, the book is a compliation of ten years of monthly devotionals that I have written to encourage and challenge homeschooling moms in our support group.  Over the years kind readers (Pat, I think you were the first)  have suggested that I would write a book someday.  I would smile politely, thankful for your vision, but didn't really believe you.  The possibility of publication emerged in January at writer's conference sponsored by Christian Devotions, a publishing company and owner of a website of the same name. Thank you, Lisa, for dragging me along!

The challenge of compiling 40 devotions into a cohesive document was daunting, especially given the fact that many of them existed in hard copy only and had to be typed into an electronic format.  As I read back through the years of writings, it reminded me again of the unique challenges that face homeschooilng families.  Knowing that the Lord might want to use my words to encourage an even larger group of dedicated homeschooling moms was strong motivation.  So we pressed on.

When two thirds of the manuscript was lost on Sunday, I recognized it as a defining moment .  I could quit or start over.  The words of the very title of my own book and blog rang in my ears.  "Be not weary in well doing, for you WILL reap a harvest if you do not faint."  I wanted to cry, but knew that I didn't have time for such nonsense.  I had to get back to work!  For some reason, in His sovereignty, God had chosen to discard the manuscript and wanted  me to begin again.  I lamented in a text message to my band of prayer warriors (thank you Susie, Mandy, Cheryl, Alicia, and Debbie) and started typing again.

Perhaps the words weren't just right.  Maybe there was a devotion that I had missed that needed to be in there because God has a person in mind who needs it.  Maybe I needed to learn another lesson in perseverance and trust to make me stronger.  Maybe I needed to enlist more prayer support for the effort (thank you Ladies Bible Study gals at Kilbourne Park).  Whatever the reason, I chose to trust God and press on.  I might still cry, but I'm too tired right now for such an effort.

What can you do now, my dear friends?  Pray and keep praying.  I received a confirmation receipt from the acquisition editor early this morning ( 7 am, NOT 2 am), so it is officially in the review process.  He will decide whether the book goes any farther with them, or if I should seek another venue.  This publishing company has a desire to reach out to the homeschooling community by publishing good quality materials, so it could be a good fit.

I'll keep you updated, though the review process is usually terribly slow. 

I love you all!!!!!

UPDATE AS OF DEC. 12, 2011:

Joy in the Journey is on its way to the printer. It is targeted for release in January and will be available through by early February.


  1. Alicia1:04 PM

    YAY!!! Way to go, Lori, and way to "be not weary!" Of course, I'll be expecting my autographed first-run copy of this baby WHEN it's published!

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    YEAH! Mission accomplished!!! I have "dibs" on an autographed copy, too:)