Real Men Sing Loud

I absolutely love to stand next to Steve during worship time.  He sings louder than anyone I've ever known.  He loves God, and he wants everyone to know it. The volume of his impressive voice is so well known at our church that one day we ordered him a Promise Keepers t-shirt  that said REAL MEN SING LOUD. Thankfully, he has a perfectly pitched baritone voice, but it is not his perfect pitch that makes me want to stand next to Steve at church.

What attracts me to Steve's worship circle is what I notice happening in me when I am near him.  When he opens his mouth to loudly praise God through song,  I notice that I sing more loudly too.  When his voice swells and fills the sanctuary next to me, I am less hesitant to sing out.

You see, my voice is much less perfectly pitched than Steves, and it is  not always on key.  My voice squeaks at the high notes and fades on the low ones.  Sometimes I miss a note entirely or hold it too long. I am not bold when I sing praises to God, because I am afraid I won't do it right and someone will notice.  I don't want to embarrass myself.

When Steve's voice washes over me on its way to God, however, I know I can sing as loudly as I want, and no one but God will hear me. Steve's voice covers mine and makes me bold to do what I am not brave enough to do on my own.  Steve's voice gives me courage.

Zephaniah 3:17 reminds me of Steve.  It says that  "God. . . rejoices over us with gladness and exults over us with loud singing."

Like Steve, God  likes to sing loudly. 

And what is the object of His praise? 




Me with the impatient nature and selfish disposition.  Me with good intentions but not always good follow through. Me who tends to serve when it's convenient, but not when it's hard.  Me who in my pursuit of God hits more sour notes than good ones. 


Zephaniah 3:17 reminds me that like Steve's voice covers mine and makes me less afraid to sing out, God's voice over me can do the same. God is so in love with me that He wants the world to know. He believes in me, rejoices over me, and sings over me.  God's voice can cover me and make me bold. His voice can give me courage. His voice can empower me to step out in faith and do what I know He is calling me to do, whether I do it right every time or not.

Dear friend, when you are tempted allow your imperfections to keep you from doing something for God, remember today that He is exalting over you with singing.

Loud singing.

Would you join Steve and me as we lift our voices and our actions to SING OUT for the glory of God?

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