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When I attended the Christian Devotions Writers Conference in January, it was a small baby step AND a giant leap in the direction that I have felt the Lord coaxing me to go with my writing.  There, as I sat at the feet of seasoned writers, some of whom have even published books *gasp!*, I was inspired and empowered to more actively pursue the amazing craft of writing.  This blog is one of the byproducts of the enCOURAGEment that these godly, committed Christian writers gave me.

In between seminars on "The 10 Most Common Editing Blunders" and "How to Market Your Book" (what book?), I had the opportunity to share meals around the table with some of the conference attendees.  These informal lunchtime sessions were, to me, just as valuable as the organized classes.  It was during these times that I got to talk with other Christian writers who shared the same passion that I did.  Some were accomplished authors published in national magazines, some were blog writers, some were journal writers who hadn't had anything published yet.  All of them loved God and wanted to use their writing to share that love.

At the final meal of the conference, I sat with three ladies from the Concord, North Carolina area who are part of a Christian writing group.  As a platform for their writing, they began a blog called WOW -- Writing on the Word.  Several years into existence, WOW now has over 88 subscribers and hits from all over the world.  They were soliciting writers to write for their blog, and they invited me to submit material for consideration.  "The Parable of the Cantaloupe" was the first piece that they accepted for posting.  Today, I received notification that another piece has been selected -- "I Got to Be Like God Today."  I makes me happy that my words of encouragement are going to reach countries and people that I can't reach through my own baby blog.

One of the neat features of their blog is that they have a device that measures the most popular blog postings.  If you make the top ten by the number of hits to your specific post, your blog makes the permanent sidebar until another devotion scores more hits than yours does.  Many of you visited "Parable of the Cantaloupe" and helped it make the top ten.  Their motivation is not to encourage pride in its writers, but to encourage us to get the word out about their terrific site.  More readers mean more people are challenged with the truth of God's word.

Would you, faithful friends and fans, take a moment to hit the link below to visit "I Got to Be Like God Today" at the WOW blog? http://wow-xroads.blogspot.com/2011/04/i-got-to-be-like-god-today-by-lori.html

And while you're at it, think of someone you know who needs spiritual encouragement and share Be Not Weary with them.  Cut and past the address in an e-mail, or hit "Share" below this post.  Encourage them to subscribe.  I promise to do my best to be worthy of the trust you've placed in me by referring them to my blog.

I love you lots!

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  1. Divine appointments...such a blessing to have you writing for the WOW blog, Lori!