Looking for God?

For 28 days, my friend Don was on a treasure hunt. 

Wherever he went, he looked for dropped coins. He found them, too. Every day for almost a month. Pennies mostly, but every now and then he spotted a nickel or a quarter. 

“I don't hunt for money,” Don said in one of his Facebook posts, “but I make the most of every opportunity to find it. I scan the parking lot as walk into a store, look on the ground by the cash registers, and run through drive thrus when I go out for runs if they are on my route. Sometimes I make sure that they are.” 

Don’s commitment to walk through his days with his eyes open reminded me of a story my pastor told years ago. On the way to visit a church member who’d just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, he prayed for words to encourage her. By the time he arrived, he knew what the Lord wanted him to say. 

“Every day,” he challenged the woman, “look for evidences of God’s presence. Don’t stop looking until you find them.” 

She did, and God revealed Himself to her in sweet and profound ways. 

I wonder what we’d see if we approached each day looking for God. 

One morning I decided to try it. 

In the cool of the breeze, I witnessed God’s restorative and refreshing presence.

In the pink dawn, I saw how his mercies are new every morning. 

In the frolicking kittens on my neighbor’s lawn, I glimpsed his free-spirited creativity. 

In the abundant rain, I peeked into his bountiful heart. 

In the neighbor’s wave, I spied his Father’s heart longing to reconcile his children.

Everywhere I turned, God was there. 

Today, if you need proof that God is alive, active, and all around you, look around. Like Don, make the most of every opportunity to find Him. Scan the horizon. Look high and look low. Don’t stop until you spot Him. 

Don’s coin hunting streak ended at 10:52 pm on Day 28. He hunted all that day with no success. Thankfully, we’ll never have this problem with God.

The prophet Jeremiah promised: "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart" (Jeremiah 29:13). 

If we look intentionally, we’ll see Him. Aren’t you glad? 

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  1. Perhaps I'm the luckiest, I prefer "blessed", person in the world because I live within the Red River Valley near the Texas-Oklahoma border. I'm certain I've discovered why they call it "God's country" for His creation screams His presence. Since relocating here in 2013, I can't think of a single day when I've not raised my hand in praise to say "Thank You Lord for bringing me into this glorious place. Thank you for being here with me." I pray you and many others can find that place. It exists in our hearts, not our location. God's blessings Ms. Lori.

    1. What a beautiful testament to the glory of God! His creation indeed does shout out His magnificence! :)

    2. Ahhh, J.D., you've painted a glorious picture. Truly God displays his glory all around us. So glad you get to experience it in such tangible ways :)

  2. Amen. When we pause and notice our surroundings, we can find God's blessings in the simplest things in life.

    1. It's amazing, Melissa, what we see when we look with intentional eyes. As lawyers often say, "A preponderance of the evidence." Thanks for stopping by today.


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