A 9-Word Prayer that Could Change Someone's Life

Have you ever watched someone with the gift of evangelism share their faith and wished you were so bold? Have you heard people talk about spiritual conversations they’ve had with coworkers, friends, and family and wondered, why doesn’t God give me opportunities to share my faith like that? 

I’m not a fearless evangelist, nor do I have the spiritual gift of evangelism, but years ago I learned a prayer that has opened up more opportunities to share my faith than I can count.

Lord, show me where you are at work today. 

This simple prayer is part of D. James Kennedy’s Evangelism Explosion training that teaches people how to share their faith clearly and boldly. It’s based on Jesus’ words in John 5:17,

"My Father is always at his work . . . ."

When I ask God to show me where he’s working in the world, it reminds me that God is always drawing people to himself. There’s never a lack of opportunities to share my faith; I’m just usually too self-absorbed to see them. I bumble past people every day whose hearts are tender and receptive to spiritual things because I’m just not looking for them.

Praying this prayer and believing God will answer it keeps me alert for spiritual signs that God is using my neighbors’, friends’, and family’s life circumstances to open their hearts to him. This happened recently with one of my dental patients.

When I asked him what was going on in his life, his eyes filled with tears.

“My wife’s been battling cancer, and it’s not looking good.” 

“That must be very scary,” I said. My statement unleashed a flood of words, and for the next ten minutes we set aside his dental needs to talk about his greater need—to know that whether his wife lived or died, he would one day see her again. By the end of his appointment, I knew God had answered my prayer to show me where he was working in the world.

Maybe God had answered my prayer by bringing the man to our office that day. Or arranged for me to be assigned to him instead of another hygienist. He might have led me to ask the question that unlocked the deepest concern of his heart. Or perhaps it was all three. One thing I know for sure, asking God to show me where he was at work in the world encouraged me look for his answer. 

God is at also work in your world today. Will you have eyes to see it and be a part of what he’s doing in someone else’s life? I encourage you to begin your day with the simple nine-word prayer, “Lord, show me where you’re at work today.” Then be ready to join him.

 Father, I pray for the people reading this post. Help them care enough about this sad, sick world to share the hope they have in Christ. Give them eyes to see where you’re at work around them and courage to come alongside you. Give them tender hearts and gentle words. Use them to draw men and women, boys and girls to a saving knowledge of you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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  1. Lori, thank you for these encouraging words. I've asked the Lord to show me where He's at work, so I can join Him (I think I need to pray that more consistently!). At this point, I'm praying for the salvation of one friend--simply being a good friend is what I most need to do (I've sown some materials into her life, so it's now up to the Lord).